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July 25, 2022

New walkthroughs for July 2022

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On Monday, July 25, 2022, I published new walkthroughs for the games and stories listed below! Some of these were paid for by my wonderful patrons at Patreon. Please consider supporting me to make even more new walkthroughs for works of interactive fiction at Patreon and Ko-fi.

Impossible Stairs (2022) by Mathbrush

In this puzzling game, you play as CJ, a young woman at her family home who gets a list of chores in an odd way. Did you forget that you have spatio-temporal disjunction? That is, whenever you go upstairs, you go 20 years into the future, and whenever you go downstairs, you go back 20 years into the past, aging or de-aging as appropriate.

This work was written in Dialog and was an entry in ParserComp 2022 where it took NTH place. It’s also an authorized sequel to Impossible Bottle by Linus Åkesson.

IFDB | My walkthrough and map

The Bony King of Nowhere (2017) by Luke A. Jones

In this game, you play as a Northerner living a quiet life in your hovel with your faithful dog, Dylan. When you step outside, a foul-mouthed pigeon drops a letter at your feet, but when you look at it, you learn to your dismay that it’s addressed to the Bony King of Nowhere who lives far to the south, and that you must now deliver the letter personally to the King or be executed. Well that’s just perfect.

This game was written in Quest 5 and was an entry in the Main Festival of Spring Thing 2017. A sequel to this game, Citizen of Nowhere, was published in 2019.

IFDB | My walkthrough and map

FORK: The Great Underground Dining Room (2007) by Chris Federico

In this large puzzle game, you play as someone on vacation who enjoys old video games, especially Atari and Commodore ones. Therefore, you’re at a games convention in this odd hotel, looking for adventure. Explore far enough and who knows what you’ll find? Maybe you’ll even have dinner with some old friends.

CAUTION: Many read-author’s-mind moments.

IFDB | My walkthrough and maps

Text Adventure Collector (2020) by Rex Mundane

In this minimalist-style adventure, you play as someone who wants to collect text adventures. Find ten text adventures and drop them in your basement library to win.

This game was written in Adventuron and was a participant in the Adventuron Treasure Hunt Jam where it took 6th place.

IFDB | My walkthrough and map

Grue (2017) by Charles Mangin

In this tiny adventure, you play as a grue, lurking in your lair. It is pitch black. Your goal is simple: eat a tasty adventurer.

This game was an entry in IF Comp 2017 where it took 54th place.

IFDB | My walkthrough and map

In The Spotlight (1998) by John Byrd

In this tiny one-room puzzler, you are someone whose vision fades while at the computer. The remaining light condenses into a spotlight high above you. All you can see are two dangling strings, a pair of heavy scissors, a wad of cotton, and a matchbook.

This game was an entry in IF Comp 1998 where it took 21st place.

IFDB | My walkthrough and map

A Masochist’s Heaven (2002) by Tne Mad Monk

In this tiny game, you play as a masochist in Heaven, and you don’t like it. You want pain! You want suffering! Find a way to get kicked out of Heaven and into Hell where you belong.

This game was written in ADRIFT 4 and was an entry in the ADRIFT 1st 1-Hour Comp 2002.

IFDB | My walkthrough and map

Mystery! (2016) by Gene Welborn

In this game based on the board game Clue, you play as an investigator summoned to Tudor Mansion to do one last job for Rick Mortis. Unfortunately, you’ll be solving his murder. Who did it where with which weapon? A random solution each time you play.

IFDB | My walkthrough and map

Perilous Magic (1999) by David Fillmore

In this very short fantasy game based on a comment in the Enchanter manual, you play as a civil servant. You need to triplicate a report in the next half hour, but you’re all out of paper.

IFDB | My walkthrough and map

Weird City Interloper (2014) by C.E.J. Pacian

In this game driven exclusively by topics of conversation, you play as a hooded stranger visiting the city of Zendon. Orz, the city gate barnacle, wants to know if you’re here for [trade] or [worship].

At the 2014 XYZZY Awards, this game was a finalist in the Best NPCs category.

IFDB | My walkthrough and map

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