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August 24, 2021

New walkthroughs for August 2021

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On Monday, August 23, 2021, I published new walkthroughs for the games and stories listed below! Some of these were paid for by my wonderful patrons at Patreon. Please consider supporting me to make even more new walkthroughs for works of interactive fiction at Patreon and Ko-fi.

Tryst of Fate (1995, 1996, 1997) by G. M. Zagurski

In this sprawling fantasy/western game, you play as a housewife who accidentally knocks herself out after stepping on a toy car in the upstairs hallway. When you wake up, you feel fine, but before you can stand up, a gnome steals your gold watch right off your wrist… and drops a special gumball? What is going on?

IFDB | My walkthrough and maps

Return to the Stars (2021) by Adrian Welcker

In this science fiction game, you play as a human soldier imprisoned in a cell by the Shwabolians, somewhere. Life became routine and dull. But for three days, you haven’t seen anyone or any food. Find a way to escape this planet before you starve.

This game was an entry in Parsercomp 2021 where it took 11th place.

IFDB | My walkthrough and maps

Acid Rain (2021) by Garry Francis

In this old-school-style escape game, you play as someone whose car battery dies while driving in deadly acid rain. You go to a nearby mansion for help, but soon find yourself trapped inside! You must build an electronic door opener from the scattered electronics in the house if you want to escape.

This game was an entry in Parsercomp 2021 where it took 8th place.

IFDB | My walkthrough and maps

Feeling Adventurous (2013) by Jim Howes

In this campus exploration game, you begin in the Red Square at the University of Washington to solve a puzzle. All you know is that the answer to the puzzle is a word, and that there will be clues leading you to that word.

This game was created as a puzzle for SEAHOP 2013. SEAHOP is the Seattle Epic and Awesome Hunt O’ Puzzles.

IFDB | My walkthrough and maps

The Weapon (2001) by Sean Barrett

In this one-room game, you are Tolan, the galaxy’s best Mechanist, brought in handcuffs to the control room of the Yi-Lono-Mordel, which is believed to be the Yi’s final weapon against the Lono. Dig Leader Cheryl Thadafel doesn’t trust you at all, but she needs your help. You are to bring up some Yi text, then stop immediately. Her hologram device is scanning the room constantly, so outwitting her will be tricky.

At the 2001 XYZZY Awards, this game was a finalist in two categories (Best Individual NPC (Cheryl) and Best Puzzles).

IFDB | My walkthrough and map

404 – Life not found (2011) by Evan Derby (as “SomekidwithHTML”)

In this very incomplete game, you’re meant to be fighting zombies in a school and trying to escape, but so far, there’s just one locked-up zombie and a large, sprawling campus with very little implemented in it. There’s no way to win, so feel free to casually explore the place, kill that one zombie, and consider that a win.

IFDB | My walkthrough and map

Daddy’s Birthday (2021) by Ruth and Jonathan

In this small slice-of-life game, you play as Daddy on your birthday. After sleeping in a bit, go downstairs and find your daughters and Mummy. They’ve planned a small birthday party for you, and there’s a present and some cake!

This game was based on a walkthrough for an imaginary game, written as a present for Daddy’s birthday. Later, daughter and daddy co-wrote the actual game. It was an entry in ParserComp 2021 where it took 15th place, and the original walkthrough is included as a PDF feelie.

IFDB | My walkthrough and map

Keepsake (2011) by Savaric

In the oddly-told tale, you play as someone who just shot a man in vengeance. You hear police sirens. You wear a silver medallion and carry a pistol and a paper bag. Time to get back home and make plans.

This story was an entry at IF Comp 2011 where it took 18th place.

IFDB | My walkthrough and map

Major Charles Boulton and the Northwest Rebellion (2007) by Shawn Graham

This tiny, incomplete, and goal-less story is based on Reminiscences of the North-West Rebellions by Major Charles A. Boulton, Commanding Boulton’s Scouts Toronto, 1886. It’s mostly asking two people about a bayonette and little else.

Unofficial homepage | My walkthrough and map

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