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October 14, 2016

Works of Interactive Fiction

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Goodness. Has it really been eight months since my last blog post? I really don’t like blogging, do I? I guess I’ve been doing it in my head instead of forcing myself to visit the WordPress site.

Anyway, something new to look at, my new Works of Interactive Fiction webpage at my Key & Compass website. This new page is a work-in-progress and another one of those will-never-really-be-finished pages I seem to be fond of making. On this page, I list several works that I’ve played and have either made walkthroughs for or plan to, and that I’ve also written up a short blurb as part of the walkthrough markups. So, what I did was, I wrote a Perl program to run through all my markups and extract the “about” blurbs and generate this new page so people could browse the works that way.

The page still needs work. The header is dull and there’s no footer yet. Tags are incomplete and I’d like to use them as filters. I’d also like to add some sort options too. Add an option to show/hide authors. And, uh, I have no idea yet how this is gonna scale as time goes on.

I’m also trying to, uh, count all the rooms/locations in all the applicable works. And, uh, y’know, there’s no standard way to count those things in IF. But I figure that’s what my next blog post can be about. 🔑️

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