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February 9, 2016

Reviving this blog

Filed under: Interactive Fiction — davidwelbourn @ 12:33 am

I’m thinking I ought to revive this blog and try again to post things about interactive fiction, or at least, things related to interactive fiction and/or my participation in it. I’ve been away from WordPress for so long, though, that I’ve quite forgotten how to post. So this post is a test just to figure out the controls again.

Topics I’m thinking of covering include:

  • My collected datafile about IF, the JSON format I ended up using, and some of its quirks and uses.
  • My Patreon project where I create walkthroughs and maps for various IF games.
  • My map-making aesthetic and the Zinnia code I use to describe the maps.
  • My @IFClueBot account on Twitter, a bot that uses info from various IF games.
  • My work on IFWiki, and what I achieved there (or hoped to).
  • Games I’d like to write someday.
  • How I play IF games.
  • Affordances in IF games that I like seeing (or would like to).
  • Why I prefer parser-based IF over choice-based IF.
  • Odd features or trends of IF that I’ve noticed.
  • Promoting other people’s IF work that caught my fancy.

I don’t write too often about anything, so trying to create blog posts is going to be a challenge for me. And I’m hoping I actually have something interesting to say. Wish me luck.

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