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May 20, 2010

IFWiki raw scribbles

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Recently, I’ve been scribbling down notes on overlarge index cards to remind me of things to do. In case people are curious, here’s what my IFWiki cardset currently looks like (and I wish there was a  ✓ character — hm, I suppose I can use √):

_ missing a few AIF Comps as per Delron’s AIF comp page (2009 Christmas Micro Comp,  2002 AIF Pre-Comp (?))

_ simplfy the genre templates so we don’t have both {{fantasy}} and {{fantasync}}

_ review the Piracy 2.0 page

_ “composite room” ? “partitioned room”? } multi-room

_ // is the new official web page for the card. Zarf sez it’s okay to put on Starters page. Also, there’s a CC license on it. CC Attribution Share Alike 3.0

_ JiGcomp games are no longer “in comp”

_ JiGcomp game pages need placements

The Feelies //

_ TWIFcomp entries

_ training sequence

_ new Phoenix releases (9 games on ifarchive – rereleased 4 & 5 new one to go)

// – maintained by Hugella

` The Man in the Rain – Feb 4, 2010, TADS 2 by Karl Adamson //

IceCreamJonsey ≡ Recchi

_ TWIF authors need to be credited

_ (by vaporware)

Seattle IF newsgroup //

_ “synonym sickness” (see IFDB review of Myth)

_ “mini-game”

_ “Handy Kit” reimplements some of Spider and Web in I7

_ EGC Paper Chase

_ aggregate(d), composite, partitioned } multi-room

` http://www.inthecompanyofgrues/ is Neophyte’s blog

` is Matt Weiner’s blog

` Matt Wigdahl’s is at //

_ preparing to speak about IF

– – job interview-like questions

– – make a list of topics that might discuss

– – “elevator speech” (1-3 minute of exposition on a topic)

SF Bay Area IF Group // (also at Twitter & Facebook)

_ what’s TerpEtude (Rob @ Waterpoint using it to debug his MOO Z-machine)

_ accretive PC (Varicella, Lock & Key, Spider & Web, Make It Good (?))

_ Game or story? Easy or difficult? Good for newcomers?

YOMIN: (vaporware’s) I6/ZIL IDE //

update authors of Grand Prix 2010 games that they wrote them.

Category:Floyd authors

_ results of JiGcomp arentyet on game pages, author pages

Add Ka and 43 to Short Titles

Add Violet to “Colours” theme

_ add links to [IFArchive]/mini-comps/gdc7 for JIGcmp games

Roofed takes place in 2040 (Games by years their story takes place)

Roofed “website”

_ Nitku would like the option to download the IFWiki DB (He thinks it’s just a setting in MediaWiki)

_ do game pages for PAX Speed have links to CF transcript?

_ people who participated at PAX East (panels, readings) need crediting on their pages

_ make sure PAX people’s pages also link to their PAX related blogs and pics

2009 XYZZY Awards ceremony transcript

_ Speed-IF y=1/x game pages

_ Category:Inform 7 extensions

_ ADRIFT modules ??

_ T3’s old list is going

_ promote Zarf’s card on Starters page

_ more on Interpreters

_ Front page – PAX, Get Lamp, USB, Outreach

_ Grand Prix 2010 status?

_ /

T3 on LJ //

add PAX speed game pages

add PAX speed game credits to People pages

Spring Thing? Apr 8 / 9

latest ADRIFT games

Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma was released out of speedif to IFDB

_ Meretzky is in Lobsters On A Plane

Find Andy Part 1 (Little Britain) by TommoHawk, 9-Mar; Ad4

GeoQuest by Dan Munroe Rel 4 090928 I7 //

_ all testers of Broken Legs must be credited on their pages

_ Post-Post-Comp results!

Merchandise category? Swag? — Commercial games? – Feelies, T-shirts, ADRIFT – Prizes, Golden Banana – Books?

move Emily’s Cheese Directory to IFWiki (including Mrifk (decompiles Glx) and SCADS 2)

Cat:Commercial games

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  1. Wowza.

    Thank you for all you do for the community, David.

    Comment by Jacqueline — September 4, 2010 @ 7:15 pm

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